The Teacher’s Place

The Teacher’s Place is a little store tucked away in the middle of Aiea a few blocks away from the Pearl Ridge Mall. Owned by former pre school teacher Wendy Wagai, The Teacher’s Place offers both parents and teachers a number of fun and educational supplies meant to aid in early learning and development for their little ones.

For the logo, the client wanted the branding to include a traditional school house with red, green and blue for the colors. While the logo should be simple, it should also convey a fun and welcoming look, specifically tailored to teachers and parents of children ranging from preschoolers to early elementary.

After presenting a number of different variations, the client decided on a very minimal rooftop design with the words “The Teacher’s Place” making up the upper half of the school house. Using a slightly modified typeface, and a red heart in place of the letter A; the logo is a simple and bright design which is reminiscent of an elementary school bulletin board.

Side note: We had originally used a black outline for the logo, which was later changed to a dark blue outline in order to stick with the original color scheme. Interestingly enough, the addition of blue, while extremely subtle, actually had a major effect on the appearance of the logo; creating a “cooler” or slightly “bluer” tint to the colors overall.