Pacific Raven Press: Love’s Seasons

Pacific Raven Press is an independent Publisher based out of Ka’a’awa on the island of Oahu. Founded by poet and author Kathryn Waddell Takara Ph.D, the company primarily features cultural pieces by the local African American community of Hawaii.

When approached by Pacific Raven Press to design the cover for Kathryn’s latest compilation of poetry titled “Love’s Seasons”, we drove out the the beautiful east side of Oahu to get a feel for Kathryn as both a person and an author. Far from the busy streets of Honolulu, located near the foot of the Oahu’s majestic Ko’olau Mountains, Kathryn’s home is her personal sanctuary; a modern day Eden filled with lush tropical foliage and fruit trees. A devout naturalist and champion for African American and Women’s Rights, Kathryn’s life mission has been to help educate and nurture the local community through writing.

Love Season’s is a collection of poems, which are very introspective and extremely personal. Similar to a memoir, the book summarizes the journey of an African American girl living in a racially divided America. The cover design incorporates various aspects and impressions that we received from our brief meeting with Kathryn. From the plumeria tree to the glass beach ball and photos hanging from the branches, each symbolizes a piece of the author, and the things that she cherishes most in her life.

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