Little Fish

Our friend Randi How, creative artist, designer and owner of Little Fish Hawaii, offers a wide selection of adorable hand crafted chalkboards. Creating both ready made and custom designs, Little Fish’s chalkboards are both imaginative and playful; capturing the magic and charm of childhood and life in general.

The Little Fish logo project was a redesign of their previous logo, which was extremely pixelated and came at a very low resolution. Initially asked to simply vectorize the existing design, we then noticed a couple of design elements that we felt could be tweaked to better suit the logo’s aesthetic and overall branding of the company.

Wanting to maintain the playful and DIY spirit of the original logo, we reassigned the colors and redrew the letters in Illustrator, tweaking them a little in order to create an organic hand drawn flowing script. Rather than breaking the words up with the boxed fish icon in between, we decided to simplify everything, using the rectangle box element as a border, surrounding and unifying the design with the “little fish” placed in the corner, similar to a “trademark” or “registered” symbol.

To see more of Randi How’s awesome chalkboard designs be sure to visit her Store on Etsy and be sure to like her Facebook Page too!