Lim’s Action Chiropractic Poster

Lim's Action Chiropractic located in the Pan Am Building in the Ala Moana district of Honolulu

Lim’s Action Chiropractic, located in the Pan Am Building in the Ala Moana area of Honolulu, contacted us to create a promotional poster design advertising free spinal screenings. As a promotional advertising piece, the sign’s primary use would be at the annual Korean Festival, along with other various marketing and health fair events. The primary goal of the design was to create awareness and attract new clientele to Action Chiropractic.

In the past, Dr Lim, an independant/small business owner, had previously been using a fairly small whiteboard with quickly hand written copy to promote his chiropractic services. Due to repeated use, the writing had become faded, and in places even smudged. Because of this, the response to his free spinal screenings was limited at best.

When it comes to visual communication, the first question we ask ourselves is: What will grab a person’s attention in 3 seconds or less? In this case, at the very least, we wanted the viewer to notice the “free spinal screening”. It is for this reason that this particular phrase appears front and center, with everything else (including the business name) as secondary. Using a minimal color palette with limited imagery and copy; the poster’s design is extremely clean and easy to read, while still highlighting the full range of chiropractic services that Dr Lim has to offer.