IQS Banner Designs

IQS or Intelligent Quantum Solutions banners

IQS (Intelligent Quantum Solutions) is an alternative medicinal product, that uses energy frequencies that enhance your Acu-Field. Designed to bring order to your energy within the body, as in energy pathways, around the body, as in the aura and the main energy centers, resulting in an increase in strength, balance and focus. Offering a full line of energy bracelets and pendents IQS started at the forefront of the “power band” movement. With the arrival of large brands such as Phiten and Power Balance, the company decided to introduce a new line of lower end sports bands, branding itself as an active lifestyle alternative-health product.

Wanting us to create a series of banners for its new line of IQS sports bands, we were given a list of bullet points describing the potential health benefits of their energy products. We then grouped the words into four separate categories, including three words for each banner. Taking their existing logo, we decided to simplify it, changing the original color from gold to silver, creating a much more modern and streamlined look. The result are a series of banners which simple yet visually powerful, immediately catching the viewer’s attention and highlighting all the benefits that the IQS energy products have to offer.