Looking for local Hawaii Graphic Design? Let Eien Design Studio help.

Our Story

Having always been fascinated with design and the influence it has on people, I initially started Eien Design Studio as a means to express my creativity while helping others define their’s through graphic design. However, I soon realized that for many start ups and small business owners, this just wasn’t enough; and a logo or flyer was only the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to design, I believe that everything should be a direct reflection of the individual or business they are representing. Beneath every design is a story that’s waiting to be told and expanding my services to include relationship based marketing services to help develop and tell that story, soon became the next logical step for me as a graphic designer turned business owner.

A Relationship Of Trust

Using a relationship based marketing philosophy, Eien Design Studio’s business model is all about building a relationship of trust and support for our clients. Our unique, hand drawn logos and creative marketing services are designed to attract your dream customer, turning a casual lead into a raving fan and loyal customer for life.

Working with a number of other creative local professionals, each with their own set of talents and stories to tell, it is my goal for Eien Design Studio to provide each of our clients with exceptional customer service and seamless marketing solutions; with an emphasis on education, story and design.

Whether it’s a logo, brand strategy or ongoing marketing services, it is my promise to provide you with the right tools and strategies needed to insure your business’s success.

Want to learn more?

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In short, we are here to help you, and I invite you to Email me directly with any design or marketing questions you might have.



Jonathan Zane
Owner of Eien Design Studio LLC