Harta Design

Harta Design Ad which appeared in Luxury Home Magazine

Hara Design ad that appeared in Luxury Home Magazine

Harta Design is a Honolulu based interior design company specializing in unique handcrafted custom furnishings and area rugs.  Featuring bright colors and stylized nature inspired designs, Hara Design’s signature rugs and carpeting’s unique colors and textures bring a distinctively modern accent that is sure to brighten up any room.

The Harta Design ad, stands as our first widely published print design. Wanting a simple and clean layout, which would highlight the different colors and textures of their specialty carpeting, the client requested a basic grid layout for the ad with minimal use of text. Selecting a total of eight photographs, we arranged them by color and mood against a stark white background, to create a cohesive design which was aesthetically easy on the eyes. The final ad, which appeared in Luxury Home Magazine, stands as a clean and simple design which elegantly highlights the unique vibrant quality of Harta Design’s interior design products.