Four Elements Health Jewelry

Four Elements Health Jewelry is a fairly new product to the United States. Building off of the ideas and technology from performance based power band companies, such as Phiten and Power Balance; Four Elements Health Jewelry incorporates the use of Magnets, Negative ions, Far-infrared rays, and Germanium in all of its products. With stylish bracelets and innovative technology, Four Element’s line of health jewelry utilizes a number of different natural healing properties to create a holistic approach to combat a number of diseases such as cancer, stress and sleep disorders. Increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins are offset by the natural healing elements of the magnets along with the energy based properties of the negative ions.

For the logo, Four Elements Health Jewelry wanted to have a visual representation of each element, as well as convey the metaphysical and holistic philosophies behind the brand. After researching a number of different ideas, we decided to base the logo off of a combination of the design and metaphysical elements represented in the “Trinity Knot” and the  “Flower of Life”, a prominent geometric symbol found in Sacred Geometry, said to depict the basic fundamental aspects of space and time. The colors used in the logo, are a reflection of the basic metals/magnets found on each of the health bracelets. Like our other logo designs, the Four Elements Health Jewelry logo is simply, yet elegant. We also were able to further develop the Flower of Life concept in later branding of the company.